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Time to Get the Matches

I have heard that it is helpful to blog about ideas that you are working on, in order to light a fire under your ass to finish them. However, I would prefer setting fire to my prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, and amygdala. A simple splash of napalm, and the parts of my brain that insist on being perpetually sad, would check themselves, before they wreck my self-indulgent need to ink my way through life. Today their grip on my overall cranium is little lax, and I have the time and the wherewithal to escape into the keystrokes. So here it is...

Christina’s List of Ideas and Works in Progress:

  1. I have started brainstorming ideas for a creative nonfiction piece that involves comparing different aspects of my mental health and creative process to three of my favorite alternate dimensions found in movies, fiction, and TV shows.

  2. I really want to finish revising and editing the sequel to my first full length book, Dead Ends. I know it is not my best work, but I want to show my students that you can always revise, and that they should never quit on a piece. I want to get it on Amazon by January.

  3. I want to write a short creative nonfiction essay on an uncle who I misjudged and lost touch with as a young adult. I unfairly lumped him into my father’s social circle. This unfortunately will be both an apology and a eulogy.

  4. I am thinking about doing a conceptual poem that captures all the random things I have heard students say over the years.

* In the end, I do feel that this was helpful. I may try this again in the future.*

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