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My poetry collection To the Man in the Red Suit is officially published by the good people at Rootstock Publishing. My book stitches together my father's unconventional life and death. I try to capture his child-like sense of humor and whimsy and my very adult and fragmented sense of loss. I try to come to terms with generations of mental disorders and the realization of my own. 

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Heart with Wings
Miami Lighthouse at Sunset
Heart Tattoo
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My story "River Monsters" is now in the 2015 edition of The Chaffin Journal. Follow Jasmine as she takes those painfully awkward steps into womanhood, while trying to understand her matted roots back in Africa. Oh, did I mention there is a mythical beast thrown into the mix?

 Check out my two poems that made it into Open  Minds Quarterly!  They are in the Fall 2015 edition

My story "Key Weird" is in Toad Suck Review #6. Iggy was one of my favorite characters. Good on yah, buddy! Nothing like a retired hitman, a ghost, and Key West.

My story "Alligator Alleyway" is in Vol. 4 of The Woven Tale Press. Discover how two gamers learn to love again after dealing with the fallout from a miscarriage.

My creative nonfiction piece "Hallmark Moments" is featured in issue six of The Adanna Literary Journal. It covers the last time I spoke to my father.

My creative nonfiction piece "After You've Gone" is in Issue 4 of The Almagre Review. It weaves my grandmother's life with that of her favorite singer,

Frank Sinatra.

My flash creative nonfiction piece "Illegal Exhumation" made it

into the Medusa Laughing  Press's third anthology of micro texts. It covers how my family dealt with mental illness in the past.

Check out this review done by a very dear friend and former mentor, Dr. Goldstein  on the Books by Women website:

Check out my interview on the South Florida Poetry Journal! Follow this link and scroll to April 2020:

Elizabeth was just trying to wrap her head around starting high school when her own hair started to wrap her up in a world of ghosts and demons.

Fourteen-year-old Elizabeth Bugsby was used to the unconventional ins and outs of living above her family-run funeral home until her hair started attaching to ghosts and reanimating corpses.


Now with a new swanky cover and a lower price!

An anthology my short fiction story
"The Old Freak is Dead" is featured in. See what happens when an eccentric artist dies and uses his death to create one more mind-blowing and heart warming installation piece.  
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