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Catch up on all my crazy adventures! I am always submitting to magazines and publishers, so this page is bound to change.




On September 25, 2013 my book Dead Ends was made available on Amazon. I finished book two of the series a year later and plan to revise and edit it in the future, once I get a little more buzz going and perhaps a literary agent. Check out the Home Page for purchasing info!

B&W Dramatic Makeup

At the beginning of the beautiful season of dead leaves in 2014 I started writing a new book series. It's

called Voo Doo Child. It's set in the future after demons have set up shop on earth and

and everyone is just dealing with the End of Days after party. Stay tuned for more updates on that front!


In November of 2014 I began writing a collection of creative non-fiction pieces about my father that first I would try to publish seperately and then maybe one day, in a galaxy far, far away, try to publish as a whole book.


 My short fiction story "The Old Freak is Dead" was accepted on June 2nd 2015 for the Rozlyn Press Anthology for Women Writers.  Smeedlemeyer Jones is on the loose! Check out the Home Page for purchasing info!



Rebecca Cobb's creative non-fiction essay "Still Wet" appeared on Grief Diaries in July 2015. You go girly! Check out the Free Reading Page for a link!



My creative non-fiction piece "Cats and Drag Queens" made it into the August 2015 edition of The Gravel. Check out the Free Reading Page for a link!



In July 2015 I finally put a bow on my book of poems entitled To the Man in the Red Suit.  It is about my father's whimsical life and traumatizing death. I began submitting it to publishers that same month. Fingers crossed creepy creeps. Stay tuned for more updates on that front!

My short fiction story "Key Weird" is featured in the January 2016 edition of Toad Suck! Iggy was always one of my favorite characters. Be warned! He is a rascal ex-hit man with some lovable baggage. Check out the home page for purchasing info!


My experimental short fiction piece "Do Yourself a FlavoR" was supposed to be in The Eel, but it appears that the magazine folded before it could make it in. My name and bio are in the archives, but not the piece itself. I looked for it but to no avail :-(


My experimental short fiction piece "South Beach Die--It"is now featured in issue two of the magazine If and Only If. It is a magazine that deals with body issues and eating disorders. Skinnie Minnie is a handful, but she will let girls everywhere know they are not alone in their struggles with heartache and the dreaded scale. Check out the Free Reading Page for a link!


My creative nonfiction piece "Secret Agent Man" is in the October 2015 edition of Sliver of Stone magazine. Check out the Free Reading Page for a link!


My short story "River Monsters" is in the 2015 edition of The Chaffin Journal. See the hompage for more information and a link to the website for purchasing.  



My poems "Medicated Musings" and "In the Temple of the Goddess Durga" are in the Fall 2015 edition of Open Minds Quarterly. Check out the home page for purchasing info!

My creative nonfiction piece "Dead Bodies and Dandelions"is in the Winter 2016 edition of the GNU Journal. Check out the Free Reading Page for a link!



My creative nonfiction piece "Spider-Man and The Old Man" is in the February 2016 edition of The Scarlet Leaf Review. Check out the Free Readings Page for a link!


My creative nonfiction piece "Do You Remember?" is in the May 2016 issue of The Route Seven Review.  This piece is dedicated to my wonderful husband. Now the world can see how awesome sauce he is! Check out the Free Readings Page for a link!

My creative nonfiction piece "Hair Loss" is in the current Winter 2017 issue of The Chaos. See my Free Reading page for a link.


My creative nonfiction piece "Manahawkin Vice" is in the May 2016 issue of The Foliate Oak Literary Magazine. Check out the Free Reading Page for a link!  



My creative nonfiction piece "Hallmark Moments" is in issue six of The  Adanna Literary Journal .  Purchasing information is available on my Home Page.


My creative nonfiction piece "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Old Man" is in the October 2016 edition of Lady Literary Magazine. If you want to see one of the stars of this piece check out the picture of the two dogs on my Bio Page. He is the big cutie the little one is using as a pillow. Follow the link on my Free Reading Page.




My poems "Diluted Ruminations of Summers at the Jersey Shore," The Conceptualistic Guilt of the In/Out Patient Scenario Involving The Man in the Red Suit," and "To Mister Wright" are featured on The Outsider Poetry website. Follow the link on my Free Reading Page.

My short fiction piece "Maybe Sadie" is available to read on The Jenny. It was my attempt to work out my fears of having children. Follow the link on my Free Reading Page.  

Recently, my work was on display at the 2016 Miami Book Fair at the Miami Dade College Faculty Booth. Go Sharks! Here's a rather sassy picture of me at the booth.  ;-)




 My poems "Snippets," "To My Father's Best Friend and His Charming Wife,"  and " Quit Digging Up The King of Spades" have been published on The Stay Weird and Keep Writing website. Check my Free Reading page for a link!

My story "Alligator Alleyway"  is now in Vol .4 of The Woven Tale Press. See my home page for more details. 



I I was asked to present at Miami Dade College's Fall in Love with Literature 2017 event. I read a snippet of my creative nonfiction piece "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Old Man," and I answered questions about the writing process and publishing. Starting to feel "almost" famous. ;-)

My creative nonfiction piece "After You've Gone" was accepted and now in the Winter 2017-2018 issue of The Almagre Review. Follow the link on the home page for purchasing information.



Over Christmas Break 2017-2018 I completed my mixed-genre book blending my poetry and creative nonfiction essays about my father. I have begun submitting it. Cross your fingers for me.


My flash creative nonfiction piece "Illegal Exhumation" is published in The Medusa Laughing Press's 3rd micro-text anthology. Find the ordering information on the Home Page. 


My creative nonfiction piece "Ghosts?" is in the Spring 2018 edition of OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters! Check it out on my Free Reading Page. My poem "To Angela" is now in the Spring 2018 edition of The Aperion Review. Go to the Free Reading Page to find a link.


My poetry book was a finalist for The 2018 Lauria/Frasca Poetry Prize. 


My 2nd point of view creative nonfiction piece was published in the Watershed Review.


One of my poems appeared in The Awkward Mermaid. 


My student, Ashley Gonzalez, won third place in The 2018 Hispanic Heritage month creative writing competition. 



My creative nonfiction piece "Perennial Xanthophobia and Butterfly Specters" was published in The HCE Review.

Two of my poems are in the Winter 2018 edition of the Raw Art Review.


My poetry collection was a finalist for the 2018 Anne Sexton Poetry Prize.


 My poem "Unwanted Nostalgia on my Honeymoon" was published in The Saw Palm Spring 2019 edition.


My poetry collection To the Man in the Red Suit was published on May 5, 2020, by the good people at Rootstock Publishing. See the home page and click on the cover to order it. 

Dark Warrior
Retro Girls


I have a story on Goodreads and multiple pieces on Wattpad.I have links in the free reading section. 


I have a new blog on Word Press. I have a link in the free reading section.


I was interviewed for the April 2020 edition of the South Florida Poetry Journal. Check the homepage for a link.


My poetry collection received a one-star rating from the Kirkus Review

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