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Cray cray version


She’s twenty-nine-ish and recently married a man who was either very brave or very stupid enough to ask her after witnessing thirteen years of mindboggling mental hang ups. She has two beloved dogs named Huckleberry and Tom who moonlight as Canadian Mounties in their spare time. Her favorite words are whirling dervish and phantasmagorical. Her students at Miami Dade College North  inspire her to keep writing and never stop randomly quoting all of Bruce Campbell’s best lines in the Evil Dead series. Groovy!


P.S. She has it on good authority that she will be renicarnated as a fox in the next life and be living happiliy in the famous Zao Village in Japan.


Oh, and the boring one...


She graduated in 2008 from Lynn University with her Bachelor's in English with a Minor in Mass Media Communications/Journalism. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 2011 with her MFA in Fiction. She is currently teaching at Miami Dade College North. She has a supportive mother, a caring husband, and two crazy dogs.

Human Skull Sketch
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